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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Nicholas Financial report to the credit bureau?

YES!  Each month we report your timely payments to EQUIFAX and TRANSUNION – two of the largest credit reporting agencies in the Country – so you can get the credit you deserve.  This makes Nicholas Financial an excellent choice to help re-establish or establish a positive credit rating.


What if I have a complaint or a problem (about my account, about a Nicholas Financial employee, about anything pertaining to my account or service, etc.)?

We encourage you to contact your local office and ask to speak with the Branch Manager.  Most of the time, the Branch Manager can address your concerns and resolve any issues there might be.  However, if you do not feel comfortable doing this, or if you have done this and your situation has still not been resolved to your satisfaction, you can contact our Customer Service Department by emailing us at:


We will respond to your email as quickly as possible – usually by the end of the next business day at the latest.  Your satisfaction is important to us, so please do not hesitate to let us know if there is an issue.

Do I need to maintain Full Coverage Insurance on my vehicle?

Yes.  Nicholas Financial, Inc. does require you maintain full coverage (comprehensive and collision) insurance on your vehicle while your account is open with us.  Simply have your insurance agent or company list Nicholas Financial as the loss payee.

How do I make my payment?

Making your payment to Nicholas Financial is easy!  You can always pay in person at your local branch with cash, check, money order or debit card.  You can also mail your payment to your local branch by sending a check or money order to the branch (please include your payment coupon, or at least your name and account number).  For your convenience you can also pay over the phone or on-line with your Debit Card through our online payment portal (there is a nominal service fee for this option).

Will the same $7.50 convenience fee be charged on the new Nicholas Financial payment website?

Customers that register on the Nicholas Financial's online payment service can setup "Recurring Auto Payments" or "One Time Payments. Registering your account allows you to set up convenient auto-debit (recurring payments). There is no charge for the auto-debit option. Registered customers can also set up a one-time payments. Worldpay charges $4.00 per transaction for this service, which will appear as a separate charge on your bank statement.

Can I continue to make payments on the Metrolina website after July 1st, 2019?

No, after July 1st, 2019 you will make your payments at www.NicholasFinancial.com.  To use the new online payment system you will be required to register on the website.  To register you will be required to provide your First & Last Name, Email Address, Social Security Number, Date of Birth and Zip Code.   Please have this information at hand the first time you login.  

Will I keep my current account number when my account it is moved to Nicholas Financial?

A new account number was assigned to your account on July 1st, 2019

When will I begin making my payments to Nicholas Financial?

Starting in July 1st 2019 your payments are to be made to Nicholas instead of Metrolina.

Will the office location that services my loan be the same now that Nicholas has bought the Metrolina portfolio?

It depends on the city / market location.  For example:

  • In Greenville, SC the Metrolina office has moved to the Nicholas Greenville, SC office in the same complex
  • In Kernersville Nicholas has taken over the Metrolina office so that location will remain the same
  • In Raleigh, accounts are being moved to the Nicholas office on Capital Blvd
  • In Charlotte, Metrolina accounts are being moved back to the original Metrolina office that is now rebranded under Nicholas

 For a complete listing of all Nicholas Financial Branch offices, please visit our website at http://nicholasfinancial.com/?page_id=6675

It was announced that Metrolina was sold to Nicholas Financial, what is happening to my Metrolina account?

Nicholas Financial, Inc. has purchased the entire Metrolina Credit Company portfolio and your retail installment loan (formerly with Metrolina Credit) is now owned and serviced by Nicholas Financial, Inc.