Auto Financing

metrolina car loan

Buying a new or used vehicle can often times be stressful and overwhelming. Nicholas Financial strives to take the stress out of the financing process. We work with a large number of dealerships in our local markets, so regardless of what car you are considering or what dealership you prefer, we can often help find the right solution for you.

Nicholas Financial takes a personalized approach with its Dealers, Applicants and Borrowers. Every deal is judged on its own merits, taking into account all aspects of the customer’s past and current situation – not just their Credit Score. Each deal is reviewed, processed and decisioned by the local Manager and Staff of the branch office. The local branch also handles the funding of all contracts, making cashing out a deal a quick and easy process for all involved. Customers are serviced from the local branch office, where they can make payments or discuss their individual accounts with a member of the local branch staff. This personalized and flexible approach allows us to find ways to put deals together – helping both the dealer and customer reach their goals. Where other lenders are forced to say "No," we find ways to say "Yes." And even when our callback is being slightly out bid by a competitor, our level of service and personal attention will never be beat.

Give your local branch a call today. Our friendly and personable staff will help you find the right dealer for your car search, and answer any questions you may have on the approval process. Let’s get started today, and let Metrolina Credit Company become YOUR Local Lending Partner.